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Music School

musikschuleThe Joseph-Martin-Kraus Music School in Buchen was founded in 1991 and today it presents itself as an efficient musical educational institution with a highly diversified selection of subjects.

They include the parent-child group “Mobile”, early musical education, and individual and group lessons for pupils, adolescents and adults, teaching them to play a variety of musical instruments. On offer are lessons in the following subjects: voice classes (classical and jazz/pop music), singing classes, string instruments (violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass), woodwind instruments (recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon), brass instruments…

(trumpet, flugelhorn, bugle, trombone, tenor horn, baryton, tuba), plucked string instruments (guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar), keyboard instruments (piano, piano improvisation, accordion, keyboard) and drums (drum set, vibraphone). Worth mentioning is also the availability of special subjects for handicapped persons, such as “musical therapy” and “Playing an instrument with handicapped persons in music schools”.

The competition “Jugend musiziert” (‘young persons making music’) has for years been very important for the Joseph-Martin-Kraus Music School. Proof for the very good quality of learning is the high number of awardees, both local as well as nation-wide and ranging throughout all the different categories of the competition.

As part of preparation for a university degree, the Music School offers lessons in musical theory. Playing music in groups is encouraged in various ensembles such as the Big Band, the Guitar Orchestra, the Percussion Ensemble, the symphony orchestra and many other smaller groups.  These ensembles represent the Music School with their regular performances at events and festivals. In 2008 a total of 750 students have been taught by 45 teachers at the Joseph-Martin-Kraus Music School.

The Art School Buchen, founded in 2007 as a cooperation of the freelance artist Bichan Maschajechi with the Music School, offers tuition for children and adults in the following subjects: fine art, drawing, printing and ceramics. For more information contact the Music School Buchen or the Art School Buchen via www.maschajechi.de    

Contact information: 
Joseph-Martin-Kraus-Musikschule • Obergasse 1 • 74722 Buchen • Germany
Director: Michael Wüst
Office: Ms Johann • Phone: +49 6281 556500 • Fax: +49 6281 556501

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