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faschingThe famous “Buchener Faschenacht”, with a tradition reaching back over 500 years, has turned Buchen into the carnival centre of the Baden part of Franconia.

The carnival association “FG Narrhalla” was founded in 1879 by the amalgamation of individual carnival societies. Hundreds of “Huddelbätzen”, the famous Buchen carnival figure, entertain the crowd with their singing and dancing. They are present at the traditional Buchen “Gänsemarsch” on Carnival Sunday and the big procession on Shrove Monday.

The well-known Buchen carnival slogan “Hinne houch” (‘up at the back’) can be heard in all the colourfully decorated streets and alleys. Also present at every event is the “Buchener Blecker”, the medieval symbol of the Buchen carnival. Everyone has to pay their respect by kissing its backside, a ‘must’ during the carnival week. The importance of the Buchen Faschenacht becomes obvious when looking at the success of the “FG Narrhalla” which has hosted the international carnival festival (Narrentreffen) three times already, in 1980, 1990 and 2002. With their colourful appearance and their temperament they impress local and international audiences. Their connections reach far beyond the city limits. More information on the Buchen Faschenacht: www.huddelbaetze.de

The different Buchen neighbourhoods also cultivate their carnival traditions. During the carnival week, not only the “Narrhalla”, but also the “Hettemer Fregger”, the “Heeschter Berkediebe”, the “Getzemer Narre”, the “Götzianer Heddebör”, the “Hauschemer Klingemänner” and the “Beddemer Hannmertli” all know how to party!

The Carnival Days in Buchen (Odenwald)

The ‘Ausscheller’ and his companions initiate the Buchen Carnival on ‘Dirty Thursday’. In the evening the “Free-night” begins all over town with the performance of a carnival play in front of the old town hall. During all the carnival days this clownish behaviour dominates life indoor as well as outside.

Every year the traditional “Gänsmarsch” takes place on the Sunday at 2.11 pm in Buchen. Amongst the participants are the traditional Buchen carnival figures such as the “Erbsenstrohbär”, “Härle” and “Fräle”, the “Wagenradsänger” (‘cartwheel singers’) and various noisy bands. The “Gänsmarsch” is some kind of carnival trial in the form of a procession. Different disguised groups gather in unorganised formation to criticise and lampoon local events of the past year. A big host of “Huddelbätze” leads the procession. One distinctive group are the “Müller “ (miller) who already start their own procession one hour before the “Gänsmarsch” begins. The day ends at midnight with the “Narrengericht” (the fool’s trial).

Thousands of people come to the “Blecker” town Buchen on Shrove Monday to participate in the Shrove Monday procession.

The last carnival day begins with a traditional “Frühschoppen” (morning pint), followed by the children’s procession and the “kids’ afternoon”. 
The crying of the “Huddelbätze” resounds when the town’s marching band plays 'Kerl wach uff...' (‘man wake up’) one last time at midnight and the Buchen carnival is being incinerated.

The dates for all events in Buchen and its neighbourhoods during ‘the 5th season’ can be found in the calendar of events (German)

For more information contact www.huddelbaetze.com

For more information contact:

Tourist Office Buchen
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Guildhall of the FG Narhalla Buchen

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Narrenringstube des Narrenrings Main-Neckar

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